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Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Imagine warm soothing water gently caressing your skin, hydrotherapy jets massaging your body while you sit or recline in your own garden. The luxury spa quality hot tub is the ultimate in outdoor relaxation.

Reconnect with nature from the comfort of your garden to enhance and promote your personal wellbeing. Simply spending time outdoors promotes a holistic sense of wellness and what a wonderful way to re-experience your garden from your very own tranquil haven. The soothing water experience is complemented by the tranquil waterfall feature.

Enjoy relaxing with friends and family in our luxury hot tubs with seating options from a 5 person to an 8 person capacity. A luxury hot tub makes the outdoor experience even more enjoyable all year round.

Hot Tub Installation

Feel the health benefits as the hydrotherapy jets massage away the stresses and tensions of the day, aching muscles are soothed.

Customise your own luxury hot tub with a choice of beautiful colour options and an outstanding range of additional features to make your hot tub experience unique.

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