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Pool Design & Contruction

Pool Design & Construction

Every project is different and every client brings with them a unique set of aspirations, preferences and specific requirements.  As specialist designers, it is our job to uncover and understand these factors and to convert them into a functional working design.

Creating a pool design is a complex task that encompasses a number of disciplines.  A pool must be designed to be structurally robust, technically efficient and safe to use.  Furthermore, it is critical that the pool is designed to reflect the client’s own aesthetic preferences and the architectural characteristics of the property.

A specialist designer must therefore be both competent and creative in his approach to co-ordinating the structural, technical and aesthetic elements of the design.

This is where we excel.  Our customer focus, skills and experience provide us with an unrivalled ability to turn your dreams into reality.

We are experienced and confident in working alongside architects, engineers, interiors specialists and other specialist consultants, to ensure that the pool design is fully integrated into the overall scheme.

Our designs are developed using CAD software, and we include structural drawings, plant room layouts and pipework schematics.  We also have the additional capability of producing 3D CGI renders, to give a less technical and more understandable illustration of the design concept.

As active members of SPATA we are engaged and instrumental in the process that creates and upholds the technical standards and codes of ethics that guide our industry.

Pool Engineering

There are many ways to construct a swimming pool, which suit different site conditions, design criteria and budgets.

Our team are specialists in the construction of concrete pool basins, working to the highest possible degree of accuracy and structural integrity.  We are also experienced in the installation of one-piece pool shells and modular system pools.

Our mechanical and electrical systems are designed to exceed all industry standards.  All plant, equipment and components are tested and selected for their performance and reliability. Our team take pride not only in the technical performance of the plantroom, but also in the layout, reliability and usability of the system, meaning that your plantroom not only ‘looks the part’ but is simple to operate and manage.

We can offer various methods of filtration and water treatment, ranging from conventional chlorine based systems to ozone, ultra violet and active oxygen sanitisation.


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